7 Deadly Sins

As the holidays draw to a close, and New Year’s Resolutions begin looming, M Gallery of Fine Art took the time to talk to Chad Fisher about his sculpture series “7 Sins”.


Rodin was once asked by a client to chose the final material of their portrait bust, based of course on his input. “Bronze”, said Rodin swiftly, “because the fingerprints on the metal are more sincere than the chisel on stone”. Fisher believes that Clay is an honest material and becomes an extension of you, the artist.

Cast in bronze, the Seven Sins are a part of Chad Fisher’s “7 Sins and the 7 Virtues” series and represent the experiences of life with and without love.

The Sins were completed in 2012 and emphasize the possibility of emptiness in life. Sculpted from life models, each composition was chosen based on the essence of the sins. The virtues are currently being finished in clay, and will be cast in bronze in March or April of 2013.

“They (the 7 Sins) are my most cherished academic work, incorporating my 10 years of sculpture study into this series. They are designed using elements of Dynamic Symmetry and the Golden Mean ratios, Musical Rhythms from the Greeks and Romans, Renaissance Masters’ Compositional Elements, and other subtleties relevant to the mood and message of each bronze.”


Avarice is old, full of regret, tormented, and yet still filled with excessive needs. He reaches for an object while barely able to stand on stable ground. The primary design elements in this piece are all curves and move out to the reaching hand. This directs the viewers eye to the hand, and emptiness.


LUSTSMALLLust is playing his flute, and calls for the youthful forest nymphs. Overwhelmed with intense desire for their naked forms, his passions for the pleasures of flesh never give rest for all eternity. All composition elements within the piece move upward towards the flute then spin circularly around the piece. This movement keeps you in the composition reaffirming the intention of Lust.



Sloth has rejected grace. She is physically and mentally lazy and rejects positive energy. Drunk from wine, she sits unfulfilled in sorrow, unable to move or change. Primarily a triangular composition, she sits similarly to The Italian Mannerist design.



Pride is the original sin. She is overly proud of her youthful beauty and has an excessive love for herself. The design is vertical with several triangular composition elements and utilizes a wave form to help balance the angularity in the design.

Be sure to stop by M Gallery of Fine Art in 2013 to see Chad Fisher’s stunningly beautiful sculptures, on display at our 11 Broad St. location.


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