Workbench by Jeffery D.Hargreaves

M Gallery of Fine Art is pleased to present “Workbench,” an entirely new collection of oil paintings by Jeffrey D. Hargreaves.  “Workbench” was conceptualized by Hargreaves several years ago after his father passed away.  After Hargreaves inherited his father’s tools, he wanted to paint them as a series of still life paintings to commemorate and honor his father.  As this body of work developed, Hargreaves also incorporated tools which belonged to his father-in-law, grandfather, and other objects that have special significance for himself and his family. 

Anvil, Oil on Belgian Linen, 18″x24″

For Hargreaves, this series is about family stories and making connections to the past.  Each painting in the collection is meaningful to the artist, and his attachment to these old tools is apparent in every work.  The paintings are sensitive renderings of items that most of us would overlook, or consider too humdrum or pedestrian to paint.  In Hargreaves deft hands, however, they take on an exquisite beauty, and we are compelled to take a closer look. He has bathed the tools with beautiful, warm, glowing light, which serves to highlight the myriad colors he sees in the rusty metal and scarred wood.

“When I paint, I try to showcase reality in a beautiful and eloquent way.  It’s about paint, color, brushstrokes, economy, harmony, and atmosphere.”

Carpenter’s Rule, Oil on Belgian Linen, 18″x36″

Together with the M Gallery Team, Jeffrey has put together a lovely book of this incredible body of work, including some of his thoughts and reminiscences about these special objects.  It may be purchased at

This amazing collection will be on view from October 1st through 31st at M Gallery of Fine Art on 11 Broad Street, with the opening reception held on Friday, October 5th from 5 to 8 pm.  The artist will be present, and signed copies of the hard cover exhibition book will be available. 


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