Creating “Spilling Citrus”

I started my painting “Spilling Citrus” as I start most of my paintings.  I setup the lemons, limes and bags so the light makes a nice pattern as it flows across their forms. (See photo below)

When I was happy with the setup, I started by drawing the outline of the composition on the same size paper as the linen I will be painting on.  After working out the compositional drawing, I transfer it to my linen and started to paint over the linen with a simple palette of earth colors and blue.  (See photo below)

For the second coat I go over the whole painting bringing the color closer to what I’m seeing. I deliberately do not try to finish or model anything in the second coat. I find if I do finish things too much in the second coat it makes it harder to want to come back and paint a third coat. I like the look of at least three coats of paint. So the second coat is just to bring the color closer to the real thing I’m painting and build the paint up.  (See photo below)

After the second coat of paint, I go back and work on different parts of the painting one at a time bringing them to a high finish.  I may end up doing two or three more coats after the second coat depending on the look I’m after.  My goal is to have a highly finished beautiful painting while retaining a quality of some brush work and painterly effects in some places.  (See finished painting photos below)

By Noah Layne

Spilling Citrus, Oil on Belgian Linen, 14″H x 30″W


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Owner of M Gallery of Fine Art in historic Charleston, SC
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