Painting DNA

“A perfect technique in anything means that there has been no break in continuity between the conception and the act of performance,” Cecilia Beaux stated in an interview.

Our newest painter, Lynn Sanguedolce reminded me of the aforementioned Beaux quote as I leafed through the files of sketches and studies that served as preparation for her award winning master work “Tom Poyner in the Studio” now on display at the Portrait Society Annual Conference in Philadelphiaand headed to M Gallery after the conference ends.

Tom Poynor Study

Man with the Cat by Cecilia Beaux

Beaux’s painting “Man with the Cat” of Henry Sturgis Drinker painted in 1898 is an interesting precursor to the work by Sanguedolce. Beaux’s painting lineage is direct from Eakins to Gerome, where as Sanguedolce’s path (because she was born in 1959 not 1855) traverses from John Frederick Murray who studied under Riley who worked under George Bridgeman who studied with Gerome. Like the obviousness of red hair or a distinct dimple, the DNA strands of the Master Gerome rings loud and clear in Sanguedolce painting.

Lynn Sanguedolce, Tom Poynor in the Studio, Oil on Belgian Linen, 68″H x 50″W

The light, the sensitivity of rendering, the anatomy, the skin sheathing bone ever so gently rings so true to the origins of skill and competence. It is a delight and technically quite adroit. I find the continued advance in understanding materials, values, anatomy, and composition all present in this painting.

Like the majority of our painters in the gallery the accumulation of knowledge from each master as he or she trains the next apprentice, who in turn becomes a master is revealed in the works. When you walk in the gallery you see works that in times past would only be viewed in major salon shows or museums. The contemporary proliferation and accumulation of knowledge allows us to access these living masters with ease. How thrilling that the thread was not lost in the dark days of mid last century and now flowers with such vigor.

Lynn’s painting lineage shown below illustrates the astounding qualities of this phenomenon. And if we understand the history pre Gerome it takes us as far back as Louis Buollogne the first painter to the King of France in the 1600s.

Come to Charleston and visit M Gallery, see this wonderful painting for yourself. And of course, all the other great works we carry.


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