The Artful Traveler: Part III

Once I crossed through the lunar landscapes of the wind-scarred redness that is so beautiful around Moab with its natural arches and needles, I faced the brilliant reflections of the salt lake.

Ryan's CAS Atelier

Ryan S. Brown’s atelier is in Springville, UT where the mountains are veiled in cascading clouds (much like Nancy Bush’s clouds).

Nancy's "At the Pond Rociada Valley"

The light and the shadows danced as we loaded the truck with what I believe are some of the most important paintings to ever to land in Charleston (“I admired each of Brown’s newly arrived paintings, we understood that his work would further tip the scales of the art world towards a realist revival that already has a firm grip here in the Holy City. . . I could already see the refinement of this magnificent work—the masterful handling of light and subtle brushwork—that despite its size, loses nothing, concedes nothing. . .”). He was preparing to load his students works for a show in Scottsdale + I was so very impressed not only of course with Ryan’s work but the exceptional quality produced by his students. Every drawing was worthy of a museum wall. (The CAS Show in Scottsdale, AZ)

I also was able to visit Rett H. Ashby,

Rett Ashby

the framer used by many of the painters we hang in the gallery. It is always so useful to understand all of the components of what we do, and the master framers contribution is no small part of why our works look so beautiful. These frames make a wonderful completion to the entire package of a masterwork.

Ryan was incredibly generous with his time— sharing his workshop space and insights into what he is seeing in the market for realism. Like us in Charleston, he is seeing a huge surge in activity, as if the entire collecting world shook off the doldrums of the last few years, has righted itself, and understands that of all the investments anyone has made in the last decade, fine art has outperformed virtually every category.

Loading Ryan's Art

After we spent several anxious hours gingerly loading the fabulous works, I headed up to Bryce Cameron Liston’s on the Northeast side of Salt Lake. We had a delightful time, which included a bike ride

Bryce with Bikes

(which due to the altitude left me gasping like a fish). I was also able to see his studio,

Bryce's Studio

reflect on the current show he was having at M Gallery, peek at a commission he was working on, and meet his daughter. It was great! He is such a gift to the gallery.


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