Figures Of Timeless Beauty: Bryce Cameron Liston Solo Exhibition

"Red," by Bryce Cameron Liston. Red is the signature image of the show and Liston's personal favorite.

The pieces that will comprise this month’s show, “Figures of Timeless Beauty,” are intended to impart timelessness and continuity— impressions that Bryce Cameron Liston hopes will stay with the viewer long after they view his work. “I hate the thought of my artwork being or becoming outdated,” Liston explains, “I want the viewer to be able to say that painting is of someone right here, right now, or maybe of someone fifty years ago. Sure, clothing and hairstyle change, but other aspects of life, imagery, emotions, etc. do not and have not for hundreds of thousands of years.”

Liston believes that a good figurative painting has to contain four basic components including: correct anatomy; good composition; strong artistic elements such as shape, value, and edge; and finally, emotion or atmosphere. “I’ve spent my entire career as a painter trying to master these essentials and I think this collection of work embodies these concepts,” he says

Although Liston studied art the University of Utah, Liston considers himself a primarily self-taught artist. If he had to name a mentor, he would choose renowned sculptor Edward Fraughton. “I worked for Ed in his foundry for over 15 years. I learned an invaluable amount from him during that time, particularly about human anatomy and gesture. It’s odd to say I learned how to paint from a sculptor, but to a certain extent it’s true,” he confesses.

As for influences, he names the great American illustrators such as Newell Convers Wyeth and Howard Pyle as his earliest sources of inspiration. Later in life, however, Liston gravitated towards the likes of John William Waterhouse and John Singer Sargent.

The human form heavily inspires Liston. “People are beautiful, mysterious, ever- changing and completely individual. I never, ever tire of drawing, painting and sculpting the human figure and I very strongly believe I never will. I think Michelangelo said it best: And who is so barbarous as not to understand that the foot of a man is nobler than his shoe.”

The following video shows some particularly amusing pre-interview clips with Bryce:

The full interview can be seen on the homepage of our website.

Click here to view a step-by-step painting demo on Bryce Cameron Liston’s website.

 For more information, call 843.727.4500 or email Carlen Quinn at


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