Hettinger’s Time Machine

Oil on Canvas

E Mailing Her Sister by David Hettinger

Hettinger’s Time Machine

It’s a grey day in Charleston and Bridgette + I are about out of our minds with wanting winter to be done. Spring is peeking its head out here: trees are in bloom; the occasional daffodil has come + gone. We were all basking in the heat wave of 70+ degrees when suddenly we were plunged back into grayness + rain, lots of rain. It could have been the contrast (folks in Minnesota for instance would be wearing shorts + tank tops if they had today’s weather) but I have been in the South now for nearly a decade and by March I want warmth and sun. Not chill + rain. So enough of my kvetching: we were low and in waltzes our hunk of a UPS man with these boxes. We circle with all the excitement of kids at Christmas and begin our ritual of reveal. Carefully opening each treasure: ooohs and aahs accompanying our ripping and tearing of swaths of bubble wrap + foam. Out come the David Hettinger paintings. Each one a delight. Each one holding its own magic. The woman with her child asleep under the red blossomed tree, light dancing in and out of a dappled reality; the glimpse of the woman at her bath through the Van Gogh-esque interior a sense of unrealized observance; the knock-kneed red dressed reader, wearing crimson in her sunroom with lime green slippered feet; the Klimt-like patterned dress wearing woman with her feet on the stool hardly delineating light splash from dress fabric…all lovely time-less contemporary pieces. We were captivated, and then our eyes lingered on one last painting: a woman languishing on a wicker couch in the garden, chintz blue patterned pillows playing around her form. Suddenly we realized she was reading her laptop! In a nano-second we zoomed from our 18th century reveries to a 21st century aha! Happily we connected the time machine dots; happily we played the beauty of our century with the romance of the previous eras. It gave us new eyes to see ourselves in a new light of everyday wonder. Come and see this beautiful and painting; and of course the others which can be found on the walls of M Gallery of Fine Art SE 11 Broad Street Charleston South Carolina or at http://www.mgalleryoffineart.com/searchresults.php?artistId=12099


About mgalleryoffineart

Owner of M Gallery of Fine Art in historic Charleston, SC
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