Meeting of the Masters

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Albert Handell Canyon Pastel + Watercolor on Paper
Canyon by Albert Handell

Sometimes my life seems charmed. I have very good friends and a number of them have influenced me profoundly. One of the people in my life who have given of their good counsel and generous kindness is Clayton Beck He and Susan Foster are the reason I have the gallery and both of them have given more than either will ever know in terms of friendship, expertise, understanding. Clayton recently introduced me + the gallery to Albert Handell, indicating he thought we would be a good fit for each other, and that we would enjoy each other immensely. Albert and his adorable love, Jeanine Christman  recently stayed at our artist in residency facility at M Studio in Bird Key while Albert taught a workshop for some very lucky students. He was kind enough to let us photograph + share the demonstration of this master work Canyon, shown in the slide show above. Following Crystal Wagner’s great Winter Salon, the entire week continued to be magic: Karen Cunningham, capably orchestrated all things, facilitated the comings + goings, food + beverage + reception of all involved. We found Albert + Jeanine some of our favorite guests ever and simply fell in love with Albert’s work. We have 4 hanging in the gallery on Broad Street in Charleston right now and the two pastels mid framing process, up late in the month. Come see us at 11 Broad Street and take a look…Albert is promising us a November workshop and possible show in Charleston + hopefully Clayton will join us at the same time for what would be a world class meeting of the Masters. Cross your fingers and enjoy!


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