The Land of the Seafood Market

Stacy Kamin’s Seafood

Life in Charleston has been a lesson in Seafood: Caught, Cleaned, Cooked, Eaten…every day, all the time. The ocean’s bounty here is spectacular + this city knows its fish. I love fish, love to eat, love to cook, love to look at food. The culture here is extreme locavore – ism. People catch fish, including crabs off the back of piers, parking lots, boats, rickety docks, salt marsh hummocks, where ever they can get close. Then they scuttle home and enjoy their bounty. I have never seen a US city so focused on fish. I grew up occasionally having fish for breakfast, and it is my favorite morning meal. My grandfather’s family had fished the North Sea for a living and as a result we always ate lots of fish for most meals. Fish for breakfast remains one of my favorite treats. Stacy Kamin’s fish market painting, much darker than here in the digital image, centers around these great orange-red crabs. Often the painting prompts me to buy crabs for dinner, happily I am in Charleston where they are freshly plucked from the briny water and oh so wonderful. Of course I make lots and then can enjoy left overs as crab cakes for breakfast with a side of — you guessed it – GRITS. Yumm. This painting and several others by Ms Kamin can be seen on the web at or at M Gallery of Fine Art SE 11 Broad Street Charleston SC 29401


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Owner of M Gallery of Fine Art in historic Charleston, SC
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4 Responses to The Land of the Seafood Market

  1. Laura Ellen says:

    I love Charleston and I love seafood. This post is wonderful and reminds me of happy days when I lived close to the Isle of Palms and enjoyed fresh shrimp and other seafood often. Can’t wait to get back to Charleston for a visit at the end of May to enjoy the opening of Spoleto!

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