New Year’s Day at Blue Inlet

Blue Inlet by Natalie George

 South Carolina is home to some of the finest salt estuaries in North America. According to the South Carolina DNR “One plant, smooth cord grass (Spartina alterniflora), dominates the regularly flooded low marsh. Smooth cord grass is the most abundant salt marsh plant in South Carolina and is responsible for much of the marsh’s productivity. Spartina‘s successful adaptations enable it to live where few other plants could survive. It has narrow, tough blades and special glands that secrete excess salt, making it ideal to withstand the high heat and daily exposure to salt water. Few animals eat this plant, but many animals and plants live on it or on the marsh surface protected by its roots and stalks. Spartina stalks are thick and are very tough and well anchored by a root system.”

Natalie George’s astounding pastel of the Spartina or smooth cord grass in its summertime glory reminds me in the depth of winter that spring is not far off…the days are already getting longer and like the cord grass, now dormant on the marsh, I just need to enjoy the sporadic warm days of South Carolina in winter, readying myself for the explosion of green around the corner.  Today in Charleston we barely saw 60 degrees; it spit a little rain and was grey. I am so happy I can slip in the other room and indulge myself in the warm fantasy of this delightful painting. It can be seen at M Gallery 11 Broad Street Charleston or on the web at

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Owner of M Gallery of Fine Art in historic Charleston, SC
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2 Responses to New Year’s Day at Blue Inlet

  1. Laura Ellen says:

    Lovely pastel ~ beautiful blues ~ inviting salt marsh!

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