December Madness Respite

December brings with it all sorts of holiday craziness: shopping, decorating, cooking, family gatherings, oh my the list goes on and on. I find the season both exhilarating & taxing…as we all do. There always is a sense of gratitude for those gathered, always tempered by a sense of longing for those not present.

The Tony Pro / Brooke Olivares / Matteo Caloiaro show we have up for December at M Gallery in Charleston offers a needed break in all the acts of doing…it is a gift you can give your self: a delight and respite.

Our headliner Tony Pro is well know to many of you. Long respected among the art community, he has developed a bold style which serves him and his viewers well. In his fresh take on images like his snappers & roses we see a sensitivity and passion uncommon in the world of art. Tony’s competently rendered paintings display his virtuosity as a painter, exploring contemporary and traditional venues…paparazzi to geishas & back. His quiet kiss on his wife’s figure in Daydreaming shows a mature loving husband admiring the strength & passion he knows is his wife.

Olivares has images of beaches, dolls, home life. She shares her life with Caloario. Many of our good friends avidly collect Matteo’s work and will find the couple’s blending fascinating. It is hard to tell where one stops and the other starts.

As with many of our painters who are very close, we see a merging of images painted, skills learned. A painting partner is oh so beneficial, and lucky are the few who have one. The famous painting couples of our times have illustrated clearly the bounty to be had by having your mate as your artistic partner. It certainly is the case with these two.

Matteo’s quiet rendering of his life, their apartment, Brooke sleeping unveil the tenderness and regard he has for her and their life together. Oh to be so loved! You’ll enjoy it, I am sure.

All three painters will be with us in the gallery on Broad street both Thursday & Friday evening. Thursday is a quieter venue for lengthier interactions, Friday a more festive atmosphere. We will have Spanish guitar both nights, & of course, wine & hors d’ oeuvres. Or of course on the web at M Gallery of Fine Art


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Owner of M Gallery of Fine Art in historic Charleston, SC
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