Olga’s Masterpiece

Olga Krimon’s painting breaks every rule in the book and is perhaps one of the finest figurative paintings we have every hung in the gallery. Which is saying a lot based on the caliber of artists we are fortunate enough to carry in our humble M Gallery inventory. She centered the figure, placed it too close to the top edge, etc., etc. yet the thing is a masterwork and belongs in a museum. Her paint handling, management of edges, values, chroma, drawing all speak of intense easel time, meticulous training, a great eye & remarkable talent. Ms. Krimon is destined to be a rock star painter. And, she has no idea how good she is…humble as a mouse she is typical of the best painters I see…for them “there is never there”  in terms of mastering their craft. “There is never there” for these painters in the creation of master works, studies or simple studio notes. Stop by the gallery in Charleston this week if you can…Olga’s painting is on display along with several other of her works. We are in the midst of the chaos of hanging the wonderful works of Tony Pro, Matteo Caloierio & Brooke Olivaries…so excuse our jumble. But come on by & visit or of course see us on the web at http://www.mgalleryoffineart.com/searchresults.php?artistId=12055


About mgalleryoffineart

Owner of M Gallery of Fine Art in historic Charleston, SC
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