Revolt, Revolution, & Regard

South Carolina has a long and proud history of independence and insurrection. As I begin to understand the strong complex character of the area, I am delighted by the wide range of cultures and values.

In York County, the “Four B” churches (all Presbyterian) of Bethel, Bethesda, Beersheba, and Bullock Creek became the first religious and social centers in this Scots-Irish stronghold and during the Revolutionary war were considered the “Four B’s in King George’s bonnet”. Apparently, the four ministers of these churches preached the gospel of revolt, revolution, and regard for human life…as they strongly advocated the ideas of separation from England and abolition of slavery.

Simon Kogan recently was sculptor in residence at Brookgreen Gardens where he served as a 2010 Rainey Master Sculptor. While at Brookgreen, Kogan depicted the “Four B’s” in clay, and the pieces are drying in one of the salons at M Gallery in Charleston.

I envision these works at two times bigger than life-size, positioned on the four corners of the market in the center of Charleston. Simon captured the fire, movement, and conviction these historic men must have carried, sweeping the Carolina countryside, risking their lives for their convictions. It was as if he breathed life into their stories, made them real as they swirl about.

Also, Simon Kogan has designed the 2011 Brookgreen Medal, the 39th in its prestigious series, to be given next April to its upper-level members. As 2011 marks Brookgreen’s 80th Anniversary, the medal’s theme is especially appropriate as a celebratory symbol of not only the illustrious history of South Carolina, but of the founding of Brookgreen Gardens by Archer and Anna Huntington. In addition to the Brookgreen collection, the medal also enters the collections of the Smithsonian Institute, British Museum, American Numismatic Society, and National Sculpture Society.

The “Four B’s” along with several other signature works can be viewed at M Gallery of Fine Art SE 11 Broad Street Charleston SC 29401 or at


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