Recipes from Frank Gardner’s Reception

Many of the attendees at our Friday Art Walk & Reception for Frank Gardner requested recipes for the food I served. Most of them are slight adaptations from the La Sazon Cooking School at San Miguel (where Frank lives). So apologies to La Sazon if these are not exact and many thanks if they turn out for you.

I served:

Jicama w/Lime & Chilies

Peel the Jicama and slice into sticks. Coat in lime juice (a plastic bag is easiest). Serve sprinkled with chile powder and chopped peanuts.

Roasted Salsa

Roast the following on a griddle or comal:
Whole tomatoes
Whole unpeeled garlic
Whole unpeeled quartered large white onion
Blacken over an open flame an assortment of chiles according to your desired heat. I used poblano, serrano & jalapeno. Sweat & remove skins, de-vien, de-seed.
Peel the onions & the garlic, de-stem the tomatoes.
Throw the whole mess of vegetables along with a handful of cilantro into a blender or food processor. Pulse to a coarse chop. Serve warm or cold with tortilla chips.

Spiced Peanuts

Lightly brown salted roasted peanuts in olive oil with springs of fresh thyme, sprinkle with chile powder, squeeze a fresh lime over the nuts, use a slotted spoon & remove to a dish, sprinkle generously with coarse salt.

White Sparkling Sangria

1 quartered orange
6 sliced fresh strawberries
1 large cinnamon stick
Handful fresh mint
1 bottle cold non alcoholic sparkling strawberry juice
1 bottle cold Prosecco

Serve immediately

His painting Snacks in the Jardin can be seen at
or at M Gallery of Fine Art 11 Broad Street Charleston SC 29401


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