Roger Dale Brown’s painting evokes a sense of space & drama which allows one’s mind to wander, open up to a possibility of rest & peace and perhaps a new day. The Nashville based painter has seen more than his share of painful images (post flood) and still maintains the gracious presence of a southern gentleman. His community may be wallowing in mud & muck but the elegance of his imagery carries on in the best of traditions. I feel like Scarlett herself could look out at this sunset murmuring the famous line about another day and sleep peacefully. I know in my own life there have been enough disquieting moments to make me sure I am a member of the human race…and gifted with the lessons of adversity. Our commonality as people in enduring strife & yet being able to glimpse at beauty and find hope so carefully defines our humanity and our connection with the divine. Roger has a very special gift in being able to deliver that holy moment of comfort and hope to his canvas and let us take it home to our lives and be collected in arms of the divine and the ease of it all. This painting by Roger Dale Brown is available through M Gallery of Fine Art 16 S Palm Avenue Sarasota FL or on the web at

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Owner of M Gallery of Fine Art in historic Charleston, SC
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  1. Love the light and value control in this painting. Thanks for sharing it.

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